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I wished for the vineyard to become my life partner, enhancing our values and letting the world know our incredible story."

My Roots

I wanted to restart from my roots.

I come from a background of peasant families which dedicated themselves to viticulture for generations. But I, just like many locals from Canavese, was attracted by the technology of Olivetti, the company that represented the avant-garde of computer industry of Ivrea, Italy. After an important experience as  an entrepreneur in the world of software, in 2001 I've decided to dedicate myself to a new adventure. I started to replant the vines coming from my heritage and brought in other vines to perfect my Erbaluce grapes. I wished for the vineyard to become my life partner, enhancing our values and letting the world know our incredible story.

I wanted to some how, show my appreciation to my territory trying to narrate and communicate its values through wine. 

Along side with  replanting new vines, I decided to enrich my wine culture attending AIS courses. I became a sommelier first, then a wine taster and as a result a lecturer teaching viticulture. I felt the need to communicate that it is possible to grow vines giving respect to the environment while representing a "modern" craftsmanship.  My motivation comes from the desire to be authentic and the satisfaction of leaving the future generations with something tangible, tasteful and beautiful.

I wanted to create an ally for this land, apparently poor but so particular, for it is it the only place where the sand torn from the Alps of Valle d’Aosta mixes with the ground. The deposit of the mineral fragments, pieced from the ancient Balteo Glacier in the North of Pianura Padana, leaves its footprints, signifying the historic importance and becoming the Morianic Amphiteather of Ivrea. I wanted the wine to express the peculiarity of this place. I felt the need to re-discover the knowledge and creativity which gives character to our world. I wanted to demonstrate the value of our culture, and to offer something that leaves a memory, an emotion. I just wanted to narrate the story of my land through Erbaluce.

I strongly believe that who doesn’t love and defend his land is not respectful to his ancestors and all the efforts they did to make it a better place. Terroir has now a new meaning: it’s the place where the natural environment merges with the work of the man who learned to defend and preserve it during the years making it unique.

My personal challenge to enhance the value of Erbaluce starts from this premise. The viticulture in the Anfiteatro Morenico of Ivrea has its origins from pre-roman era, a tradition of thousands of years. This peaked in its quality in the 1800's, the century that has obtained important international recognitions and contributed significantly to the high end of the wine list at many prestigious restaurants in Turin. My work is to reconstruct the puzzle pieces of memories and to communicate it.

I dedicate my time to conferences to tell our story, collaborating with foundations and lecturing at universities teaching Communications of Wine and Territory. Every occasion is an opportunity to speak about my Canavese and to promote Erbaluce.


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