"Once upon a time on the hills created by the great glaciers used live the nymphs of the lake, of the woods and the springs..."
ERBALUCE di Caluso

The Legend of the wine

Once upon a time on the hills created by the great glaciers used live the nymphs of the lake, of the woods and the springs.

they were worshipped together with Night, Sun, Moon, Winds and Stars


Alba (sunrise) was one of those Goddesses and she used to lay along the shore of the river.

One day the Sun sneakily stared at her hiding behind the clouds and fell in love.


But the encounter was very difficult because

Time allowed the Sun to show up only when Alba just vanished away.


it was a restless chasing and all the heaven was in pain for this: Stars, Moon and even Mother Earth.


Moon, who was Sun’s sister, decided to find a solution.


One day she didn’t left the sky and waited for the Sun on his route and shined to hide him so that he could reach Earth to meet Alba.


The embrace of the two lovers happened on the top of the highest of the hills that surrounded Caluso.


All the wisemen exclaimed “it’s an eclipse” but it was just a love dream coming true.


One day a daughter born from that love: 

her eyes were of the same colour of the sky, her skin was like dew

and had long shiny hair like sunrays.

She was noble and gentle and they called her Albaluce.


Her beauty was legendary and every year hunters, farmers, shepherds and fishermen

used to come to her temple to offer their best goods.


Then they celebrated Albaluce that used to sail on the lake with white swans.


But one day Queen Ippa came with her tribes.

she wanted more land to cultivate and the lake didn’t give enough fish for her.

Suddenly all the green streams and clear waters were replaced with cultivated lands.


She orders to build a huge canal to make all the water flow away.

it’s a huge work and a tragic choice because the water broke the level and spreads death and destruction.



Albaluce was very sad and goddesses are not used to cry

but despite this she walked along the shrunken shrubs that used to cover the shore of the lake.

One of her tears dropped on the ground, it’s the cry of Sun and Alba and it brings back life.



Those tears transform the dead shrubs in vigorous vines with sweet and golden grapefruits.

This is Alabaluce’s gift to those who stayed loyal to her.


This is how Erbaluce vine was originated from the tears of a Goddess,

who keeps in her hearth the rays of Sun and the kindness of Alba (Sunrise),

the same that still today rises every morning from Caluso’s hills.

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