Passito Riserva 2009

The origins of Caluso Passito go back to Roman times, but over the centuries this wine has become part of the tradition of the Canavese families, each of which owned a vineyard with some Erbaluce vines. From these vines, before making the harvest, the best grapes were gathered and laid to wither on the racks of the attics as fruit for the winter. In these specially ventilated places, the grapes remained until March and were then pressed: from this moment on, the long process of fermentation and ageing of the Caluso Passito began, finding its maximum expression after long years of ageing. At the end of the 19th century, among the great admirers of the Caluso Passito there was a great Canavese artist: Giuseppe Giacosa, who was nicknamed “Pin”.

Giacosa was the playwriter and librettist of Puccini, author of the plots of La Bohème, Tosca and Madama Butterfly. He loved his vineyards and his wine and recommended that it was good habit to welcome guests with an excellent glass of Caluso Passito. This Limited Edition of the Passito Riserva Bohèmien 2009 is dedicated to him.



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