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Erbaluce di Caluso

" There are flatelands scented in mud and  grass,

there are wrinkles in the hills made of vines and antique homes.

There are topie columns and red bricks

and I know that there still is grandpa Kin,

somewhere in middle of the bushes,
with the dog and the empty cartridges of the rifle.

You don't need to shoot to be a hunter

and if it makes too much noise
you know that you won't be able to hear and understand the quiet mother which is the Canavse.

You need to rest there, sitting on a rocke, with the dog and the empty cartridges, 

amd wait to drink those teardrops of golden taste,

which this land gives us: The Erbaluce.

Grandpa Kin knew it all...."

This wine holds the story of a territory, of its people, of its tradition, of its historic vine and an old vine grower who loved to hunt: KIN.

KIN was my grandfather. A simple man with big values, his life followed the rythm of the nature and the vineyard because nothing was more important that his wine, his Erbaluce. He was an artist. The vineyard was his canvas, the Erbaluce was his paintbrush. The sun, the rain, the land was his colours. Every year he presented a new artwork: his latest wine. I inherited from him the passion for vine growing, the sensitivity to the attention to details, the patience to observe, trying to interpret the best I could his philosophy made of simple symbolic gestures, the antique wisdom and the deep respect for nature. 

KIN is a wine with great structure and logevity, aged for four long years, of which three inside the bottle. Time enhanced its personality thanks to the extraordinary freshness and savory. It is made entirely from Erbaluce grapes cultivated on guyot with sandy land of Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea originated from the glaciers. Kin is an olfactory treasure chest which gives off delicate sensation of minerals and intense perfume of thyme, rosemary, herbs and dry flowers from the mountains. Every drop of KIN contains strong essence of granitic spirit of Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, Cervino, Gran Paradiso to remember how the wine can be a true interpretation of a territory and its best embassador. To taste KIN as its best, it should be served at a termperature of  14/15° C opening the bottle at least one hour prior to consuming.



Domenico Tappero Merlo

Vignaiolo in Canavese

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