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Sparkling wine 2013

The name Cuvée des Paladins comes from 12 loyal knights of the great King of Franks and the eventual first Emperor of Romans: Charles the Great. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, with the agrarian reform, he promoted a rapid renewal of viticulture which had fallen apart with the crisis of the Roman Empire. This great innovative process might have brought Erbaluce from the Rhone Valley to Canavese or viceversa by the Lombard troops, which is a fascinating legend that deserved to be remembered with this Cuvée des Paladins. The local history of Canavese instead, testifies that the production of sparkling wine has been a traditional local practice since ancient times. It was produced in small quantities to celebrate special occasions for families. This ancestral sparkling wine was made by adding sugar or more frequently the must from the harvest or passito. This was enough to restart the fermentation in the bottle of the ancestral sparkling wine. Sometimes this "rough wine" was also flavoured with peach leaves.

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